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14 June 2018
22 November 2018
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We have more and more often come across the term Digital Mismatch , but how many of you have asked yourselves what is it about?

To know more about it, Oiki took part at the “ Le Professioni del Futuro ” (“ Futures Professions ”, tn ) national congress in Milan, the 15 th of March 2018.

A Digital Mismatch is a lack of specific abilities in the digital field which creates imbalance between supply and demand in the job market.

Basically, job seekers are often incapable of meeting the requirements and technological skills required by companies.

It’s not about crisis, it’s about a market that has apparently transversely changed in its “DNA”, with a strong impact on any type of job.

At the dawn of the 4 th industrial revolution, we have highlighted a progressive and inevitable decrease in the demand for low profile jobs with limited expertise.

Faculties defined as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) became popular.

Only the countries capable of investing on the education and training of the younger generation will  be able to benefit from it. In terms of “future professions”, Italy is indeed recording a 5-year delay compared to the rest of the European countries.

In the face of this situation, we need to raise awareness in the younger people in order to channel and optimize their future choices.

Various studies highlight the difficulties companies face when welcoming young people who require training.

Most of these companies do hire but don’t dedicate adequate attention to training individual professionalisms.

A further emerged data concerns bureaucratic and business structure restrictions which exist in the Italian business realities.

The scarce number of businesses welcoming the strongly increasing Smart Working (remote employment) requests demonstrates this.

It’s women who mostly apply for Smart Working, aspiring more and more to a personal growth and associating their professional needs to their domestic reality, within the business needs where they operate.

Share your experience on this matter with us…


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