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Doing social business II: Oiki supports the research

We have always found supporting projects aimed at the common good and at society in general extremely gratifying. Therefore, when the opportunity arises we seize it. We have done it in the past, we are doing it now and we will continue to do so in the future”.

These are the words of Emidio Bettuzzi, Honorary President of Oiki Acciai Inossidabili S.p.A. during the donation ceremony for a scholarship in gastroenterological studies, on February 13th at the ParmaUniverCity Info-Point.

The ceremony was attended by the Rector Paolo Andrei, the professor of Gastroenterology of the University and Director of U.O.C. of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy of the Parma University Hospital, Dr Gian Luigi de’ Angelis, the General Director of the Parma AO Massimo Fabi and Giulio Orsini – President of the Association S.n.u.p.i. – Sostegno Nuove Patologie Intestinali (Support for New Intestinal Disorders).

The PhD Scholarship, awarded to Dr Federica Gaiani, specialist in Gastroenterology, was financed by Oiki Acciai Inossidabili S.p.A. and Acmi S.p.A. through the association S.n.u.p.i. The research will focus on the prevention of neoplastic degeneration of chronic inflammatory diseases.

The contribution by Oiki and Acmi is essential for this project of advanced medical studies, being an important support to the Complex Operative Unit of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy at the AO of Parma, a national reference point for this kind of pathologies, which will then be able to employ advanced endoscopic diagnostic and clinical equipment and technologies.

Private funding becomes a significant tool to support research in the medical, technological, environmental and innovation processes in all areas.

We believe in the importance of information to raise awareness and stimulate society on how essential it is to support activities without which the word ‘Progress’ would have no meaning.


We kindly invite you to share your opinion as well as your experiences.


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