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4 April 2019
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Domestic Sales Agents meeting: December 2018

On December 6 the year-end meeting took place with the participation of the full sales force of OIKI ACCIAI INOSSIDABILI S.P.A.

Unlike the past editions, the meeting took place in the historic locations of the medieval Abbey of Vaiserena, better known as the Certosa di Parma, now home to the Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione of the University of Parma.

It was a traditional meeting during which we reviewed the business phases of 2018 and formalized the objectives for 2019.

This year we wished to give a new message to our meeting: we deemed it important to express our business concepts, this time alongside a much higher cultural occasion, where all participants could meet and share beyond the usual topics related to markets, nickel and competition.

The combination of Business and Culture was clearly expressed by the group visit to the still running photography exhibition titled “1968 UN ANNO”.

A narrative of documents, photographs and objects relating to a pivotal year in the history of the Twentieth century, made possible by searching inside the CSAC archive, whose first section was set up in 1968 and which today, fifty years on, has a collection of over 12 million original items in the field of visual communication and Italian art and design, dating back to the first decades of the twentieth century.

We strongly believe in social occasions since these are an opportunity for gathering information and knowledge, the basis of human relationships which are the engine of every business.


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