30 June 2017

Oiki Golf Trophy: a passion, not just a sport!

On June 11th, the 24th edition of the Oiki Trophy took place at the Golf del Ducato on the Sala Baganza‘s pitch. One of the most […]
28 July 2017

1st Oiki’s Team Building Event: a true…chefs’ competition!

We believe in Team Building a lot. We love the idea of creating a team where everybody feels like they belong to. A cohesive group where […]
20 November 2017


It’s time already to look at 2018. Although the calendar says there are only less than two months left, for us it’s already time to think […]
4 January 2018

The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2017

The tenth edition of The Stainless Steel World Conference & Exhibition 2017 – Maastricht, The Netherlands, which took place from the 28th to the 30th of […]
13 June 2018

Our steel lands in Africa!

Here’s a brief travel journal to tell you of when our steel took part in the construction of one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. […]