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4 April 2019
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Revamping of coils cutting line H 2000 X 15mm

We have revamped the hot rolled coils straightening machine.

The first objective is to increase the yield strength capacity of the materials to obtain better flatness and especially ensure the metal sheets, once subjected to user processing do not create problems of released tension, with negative effects both on the machined part and on the cutting head of the laser or the plasma.

The second objective set was to increase both the production capacity and the performance of the machine in terms of machining times, as well as amplifying the range of straightening thicknesses and lengths obtainable, implementing components on the machine that allow the set target to the achieved.


The straightening machine is now equipped with:

  • a rotating coils loading star (120- ton capacity)
  • a 6-roll straightening machine with 2-roll automatic hopper
  • a hydraulic flying shears for thicknesses up to 15 mm
  • a double stacker that allows automatic cutting of metal sheets up to 14500 mm (tanks manufacturers)

We have improved the minimum width of the workable coils: from 800 mm to 600 mm.

Complete renovation was undertaken in various phases, to reduce to the minimum the impact of production management, all to provide ever-increasing performance in terms of safety, quality and service for our clients.

We are completely satisfied with the result obtained and take the opportunity to thank everyone whose commitment and professionalism make OIKI a service centre for stainless steel abreast of increasingly competitive market requirements.


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