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Our steel lands in Africa!

Here’s a brief travel journal to tell you of when our steel took part in the construction of one of the biggest cathedrals in the world.

In the Ivory Coast, our steel became protagonist of a monumental project holding up – in the real sense of the word –  the columns of the Basilica di Santa Maria della Pace in Yamoussoukro.

The church, built between 1985 and 1989 by around 2000 Israeli and French workers, was born from an idea of the Ivorian architect Pierre Fakhoury, who freely took inspiration from the Basilica of San Pietro in Rome.

And so begins the journey of our steel, which took a ship to Africa and participated in a project which brought a bit of Italy in this fascinating country.

It sure enough contributed to creating the bases of the colonnade opposite the Basilica, which is formed by 128 marble columns 21-meter-high, and is so similar to Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s to be considered its African twin.

From a successful partnership with a French company, a timeless project was born. A project of which we feel protagonists.

Knowing that part of our material has helped the creativity of a visionary artist who literally gave new light to our steel, make us really proud.

We discovered, right from this news, that the stories we can share are many and we hope they can inspire you.

We’re certain that many other similar stories we would like to know exist: would you like to share them with us?


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