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13 June 2018
2 July 2018
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Doing social business

To Oiki improving our market presence also means creating a solid bond between work life and social life.

An important example of this logis is represented by the initiatives which are part of the financial support to public or private institutions in the medical, cultural and sport field.

Oiki has been integrating for years in a “social responsibility” context with punctual responses to the needs of the territory in which it works.

Creating profit not only for business results but to give added value to the community is one of our most desired goals.

In this 2018 our solidarity intent will be being part of a network of cooperation between businesses in the parma area, institutions and associations:

which will give as a result important donations to the Ospedale Maggiore Of Parma and ad personam services to the people in the Municipality Of Parma.

We will always keep you informed about our initiatives…

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