10 October 2019

Team Bulding Oiki 2019: Race in progress

What if you were catapulted back in time? Perhaps to when you were in the playground, making the absolute most of your imagination until you were […]
21 May 2019

Revamping of coils cutting line H 2000 X 15mm

We have revamped the hot rolled coils straightening machine. The first objective is to increase the yield strength capacity of the materials to obtain better flatness […]
4 April 2019

Doing social business II: Oiki supports the research

“We have always found supporting projects aimed at the common good and at society in general extremely gratifying. Therefore, when the opportunity arises we seize it. […]
4 April 2019

Domestic Sales Agents meeting: December 2018

On December 6 the year-end meeting took place with the participation of the full sales force of OIKI ACCIAI INOSSIDABILI S.P.A. Unlike the past editions, the […]
22 November 2018


The start of the safeguarding investigation of the 26th of March 2018 concerning the Inox steel importations, has produced a restrictive action against the free market, […]