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30 January 2017
7 April 2017
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Oiki Bike Team

United we stand…

…or, as Alexandre Dumas wrote in The Three Musketeers “All for one and one for all”.

Who doesn’t know these sayings? Nowadays, they are being used ironically. They may sound a bit outdated but they always speak a great truth: by working together we get the best results.

Have you ever thought about how these mottos can be applied both to sport and business?

I want to tell you a story.

For 25 years…

Oiki has been promoting amateur cycling in Parma with Oiki Bike Team.

It all began thanks to an athlete who, instead of writing important pages about professional cycling, he preferred to have fun by staying in the amateur field: Giorgio Bettuzzi.

With his 1200 won competitions (for the most part single-handed), Giorgio Bettuzzi has played the lead role in the history of our cycling community, thus contributing to making the team shine to a point when, even today, Oiki’s t-shirts are being associated to him, despite him not taking part in competitions for several years.

The glorious era of victories ends in 2009. Giorgio resigns from competitions and Oiki Bike Team goes back to being a team of friends trying to keep a community within the cycling world.

Thanks to the support of a few friends, Oiki Bike Team slowly gets close to amateur circuit competitions without however obtaining important results as in the past.

Times have significantly changed. Today athletes train every day and the preparation levels are higher: a lot of exercise to strengthen the muscles and continuous rides starting from December.

The average speed is similar to the professional one, even if on shorter paths.

Let’s move on to 2016

The challenge is to make the team as successful as the 80s/90s multiple winning team, Giorgio’s team.

Thanks to the contribution of a few sponsors, Oiki starts an important trading season.

The group trains together. It’s cohesive. It’s united.

It’s not hard to understand that cycling is not an individual sport…far from it.

At every ride, Oiki bike team proves to be a real team in every way. And as such, it runs and wins.

The 2016 results: 50 competitions won and two Italian Champion t-shirts earned in Tuscany, a tough territory and blessed for this wonderful and equally hard sport.

Thank you, guys!

Oiki wants to thank from the bottom of its heart athletes Maurizio Mai and Massimo Magnani, who honoured the shirt and Oiki Bike Team’s name.

Furthermore, a special thanks goes to our friend Fausto Ferretti, Scatolificio Sandra’s CEO, for his intense play in the crucial phase of the competition in the Italian championship and for his concrete support to our work.

OIKI BIKE TEAM also thanks all its sponsors:

For 50 years…

Oiki has been operating in stainless steel distribution with the aim of continually improving the quality of its service, in order to always fully satisfy its clients’ expectations.

A significant goal cannot be achieved alone: it takes a team.

And Oiki can count on a high-level, prepared and competent business team sharing not only the same goal, but also the same principles required to reach that goal.

Just like in a sport team.

Do you agree?

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