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30 June 2017
20 November 2017
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1st Oiki’s Team Building Event: a true…chefs’ competition!

We believe in Team Building a lot. We love the idea of creating a team where everybody feels like they belong to. A cohesive group where communication is fluid, trust is deep and mutual, and collaboration is total.

Wanting to reach these goals, we decided to organise a surprise ad hoc event for our collaborators here at Oiki.

“We didn’t know what to expect from what was perhaps an excessively hot Friday evening, closing a particularly chaotic work week. The warehouses were unusually empty and quiet and followed through our steps and the echo of our nervous laughters”

After examining several possible activities, our choice fell on the Food sector.

And it couldn’t have been otherwise: besides the great number of food tv shows born recently, our branch is located in a certainly important and famous territory from an agri-food point of view.

So here is how the very first Finger Food team competition took place in our establishment on the 30th of June.

There were 5 teams, each of them formed by 7 employees; each team had as a mission to open a restaurant whose name and location had to be invented!

Each team was given a Mistery Box with surprise ingredients with which to unleash creativity by creating Finger Food and fresh pasta recipes under chefs and assistant chefs’ supervision.

“Starting to create a menu and dividing each task was natural as I never thought it would be: with the girls in my team coordinating the operations and the guys rigorously and diligently following orders. Because it’s not easy at all to be many and carry out tasks you’ve never carried out. And finding a synergy of actions and goals is even more difficult”

It’s been two intense hours, spent between pure fun and hard work. In the end, the jury, formed by the owners and by professional chefs, proclaimed the winners after tasting the dishes prepared by each team.


Restaurant: Di Tubo un po’ (a little tube of everything) – Location   : between the Coils

Team formed by Alessandro Pinardi, Tina Giuffrè, Monica Galli, Isabella Lazzari, Mirko Cagna, Dawid Cwenar e Giovanni Policarpo

Best Finger Food Prize

Restaurant:  Bassa Rugosità (Low Roughness) formed by Andrea Culcasi, Clara Reverberi, Giuseppe De Luca, Marco Pelati, Rosi Ramelli, Stefano Faccini and Wainer Reggiani

Best Fresh Pasta Prize

Restaurant:  Nella Tana del Mulo (In the Mule’s Lair) formed by Bruno Soncini, Elena Berna, Giuliano De Luca, Marco Pinardi, Sabrina Noto, Vita Urso and Wojtowicz Wojciech

Our compliments to all the participants for their dedication and creativity!

We discovered and got to know each other in a way we had never done in so many years and we were able to value everyone’s talent. I believe that a team-building goal is this one which has been fully achieved. This is the lesson we’ll bring in our everyday lives: each of us can contribute in their own way to a common goal. And when we walk together we are destined to go further.”

Goodbye until the next challenge!


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